After I had Georgia Peach, the Coach and I thought it would be a good idea for me to check out getting involved with some like-minded people aka a Mommy Group. Now, I already have a Circle of Mommies I chat with and seek advice from but, most of these fab Mamas are far, far, far away from me. 😦

So, I started looking into a local Meetup group for Moms. Ones with catchy group names like… ‘My Mom’s a Rock Star But Doesn’t Know It, Who Left Me With This Woman?, Can Someone Help My Mommy?’ something that somewhat described what was happening in our house…and something more exciting than ‘Mommy and Me’.

When I found one that looked promising, I sent a request, paid my yearly ‘fee’ and waited for an event that was either on the weekend or sometime after work. Finally, an interesting one came up…Game Night and Desserts!

I likes to win AND I have been known to put down half a cake in a day (that is a separate discussion altogether pray for me…please!) so it sounded like a “WIN WIN” to me.

cakeI made (yes, I like to bake hence the aforementioned half a cake eating issues) this delicious caramel cake dessert, put on my ‘I’m a Mommy Now But, I Can Still Bring It’ outfit aka a pair of leather pants with a cute long top and some heels. Grabbed my directions, my cake and headed out.

I knocked on the door, walked in and nearly stopped in my tracks…most of these women were in their pajamas! NO JOKE! What in heaven’s name did I stumbled upon?

Here I was in a casual yet, event appropriate outfit and there was a woman with a STRING OF PEARLS on dare I say, to accent her hot pink jammies? Probably no surprise, I didn’t stay long…

It all worked out for the best about a month ago, I got a notice that I had been ‘removed’ from the group.

I guess Honey Boo Boo’s Mama and her girls wanted to keep the group free of undesirables.  😉

I want my money back!

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  1. I’d want my money back too! You brought cake! *Cake*

    You don’t “remove” someone who cares enough to bring a cake. It’s just not done. Then again, pearls don’t go with jammies either… hopefully the next group you find will be much more… normal.

    Or appreciative of baked goods.

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