Dear Current City,
First, I want you to know that I adore you but, we have a problem. Due to your lack of a decent authentic Mexican restaurant, I have resorted to something reserved for the very intoxicated or food amateur.  Now, the Coach and I have tried a number of places that turned out to be no bueno in my book.  I mean I grew up in an area where we would order tamales made by a woman in the kitchen in her home.  So, I didn’t think it was too much when I asked for a corn tortilla while at a restaurant recently.  This is standard stuff people. To be fair, not every place was entirely bad but, some things are a must.  My corn tortillas being one of them.

Not long ago I was beside myself with needing some Mexican food so I turned to the only place I knew…Taco Bell.  Yes, Taco Bell. And after that delicious Doritos Locos Taco hit my stomach like a brick I remembered why I avoided this place. I think the Doritos flavored shell was the actual ‘delicious’ part of my meal. I do enjoy myself some Doritos. images-1

Do you think it is acceptable to not have a good traditional Mexican restaurant? Umm, and Tex Mex is not the answer. I’m looking for the place where Abuelita is cooking in the kitchen with her son or daughter and the fountain drinks INCLUDE horchata. I don’t need a ‘fresh take on Mexican’ so save your fusion combos and witchcraft recipes until you have mastered the basics.  I blame you for my gastrointestinal issues.

My sweet Husband is constantly on the hunt for an acceptable place for me and while we were in FL recently, he made a point to take me to the one Mexican restaurant I liked. I like him. 🙂 So, it appears I only have two options…learn how to make my favs or track down the lady who made the tamales in her kitchen by the bulk and have them shipped here.

Can you save me the trouble and get it together?



  1. TACO BELL!!! I love it.
    I know what you mean about a corn tortilla and a freshly made tamale. I still have easy access to great Mexican food, and we are developing our culinary skills in that area. But, still, nothing beats the 2am tamale delivery at Danny’s bar (or multiple other bars in Chicago).
    Also, my sister-in-law’s grandmother used to make massive batches of enchiladas and tamales and send them to Chicago when Chris’ family visited. I miss that.
    Well, now i am hungry.
    “fusion combos and witchcraft recipes”

    1. Now you are making ME hungry! Danny’s! Enchiladas are my favs but, since I am scared of the places here, I have been starting out with tacos. I mean at this point I don’t even want to speak to the manager, I just want to talk to the cook and ask if abuela would be proud of this food.

      Remember our Taco Bell runs in high school? 🙂

  2. Tia Sookie is only 3 hours away. You send the invite and she will show!

    How does Savannah NOT have an authentic mexicano??? All that history and no carne guisada, chile relleno, or menudo?? BLASPHEMY!!

    Mr. Disappointed

    1. Tia is always invited to the Coastal Empire to visit and relax. But the next time they come, we will need to squeeze in a cooking lesson.

      And I don’t know why I can’t find a decent place here, either. I am a tiny bit stubborn and refuse to go to a couple of chain restaurants people keep telling us about. BUT I will go to Taco Bell? I get the irony here. 🙂

  3. My prima Delphine makes great Tamales! She made some over the Christmas break, and gave me some as a gift, and wonderful gift IT WAS!! We will make it that way soon, and hopefully I can help you out in the Mexican Cocina? I think we can squeeeeze in a lesson or two. Taco Bell NO ES BUENO ES MUY MUY MALO!!!

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