It has been amazing to watch our Georgia Peach (GP) and her little two-year old personality emerge. The Coach and I are struck almost daily by the things she shows us… the good and the not so good (more to come on that). 😉

While having lunch at a restaurant a few days ago, we started discussing how friendly our daughter is to everyone and everything.  She says, “Hi!” and waves to people, birds, the river, the swimming pool, boats, airplanes, dogs, trucks, etc. We agreed that this super friendly trait did not come from either of us.

She got it from her Nana, my Mother. 🙂

The moment I found out we were having a little girl I felt that somehow God was giving me a tiny piece of my Mother and Grandmother back…which is why she shares their name.

My Mother was a Teacher. She loved meeting new people, talking, reading, learning, singing, and traveling (among other things). I was born and raised in a small town so, there was hardly ever a time my Mom would make a quick trip to the store. There was usually someone there she knew and would request an update on the happenings in their lives. Always remembering the smallest detail from a previous conversation, she had a way of making you feel special no matter how much time had passed between exchanges.

Similarly, Georgia Peach absolutely LOVES talking, her books, and music. She reminds me so much of my Mom (the other day she was adamant about “reading” a Buffalo Soldier pamphlet while in the car-seriously?) with some of her mannerisms too.

But what she did last night made me weep…for our daughter-the little girl who will never get to personally experience how special and amazing her Nana was, for my Mother-the woman who wanted to be a Nana and never had a chance to meet her namesake and for myself-a woman who lost her mother and best friend before becoming a Wife and Mother, the two most important roles in my life.

Cupcake stool!Here’s what happened.

It was bedtime and we were on our third or fourth book of the night when GP decides she wants to read Really Wholly Bedtime Prayers again. We were sitting on the floor when she stands up with the book in her hands and sits on her cupcake stool (I love cupcakes, not surprisingly GP does too!). She starts “reading” the pages of the book then turns the book around to show me the picture…just like a TEACHER would.

Now, I don’t read books to her that way, she is usually in my lap so the book is in front of both of us. I’m sure she picked it up at story time BUT, when I saw her sitting on the stool and I was on the floor, I started to cry.  All I could think of was my mom and how much she would absolutely love teaching, reading to, and singing with her little Southern Girl.

I realize that my Mom is with us in spirit but, nothing is as sweet as being in the physical presence of your Mommy.

Now, go and call your Mama…while you still can.


  1. Tears! That’s so sweet. I can just see her doing that. Sweeter still, I can see your mom smiling approvingly!

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