Okay, I decided to enter a Blogger contest, Blogger Idol!  Think American Idol meets Project Runway for the writing world. Of course this is my description of the contest so, I should probably stop changing the concept if I want to be selected. 🙂  But I mean wouldn’t it be great to have a contest like that though?  They could have challenges like ‘Update and Perform a Classic Motown Song and Create Three Original Designs for the video’.  I’m kinda loving that concept.  Although, it might make for a super long show.  Obviously, unauthorized “imitation” in the writing world is called plagiarism so, CLEARLY not what this contest is trying to promote.

Here’s how it actually works…if you are selected as one of the Top 13, you will be assigned a weekly writing assignment on a variety of subjects.  Of course, no competition is complete without eliminations so, those will happen weekly too.  The contest will run for the next 3-4 months.

In my mind, the contest would have highlights a little like this…

  • Judges commenting on posts that are “wordy” vs  the overused “pitchy” on American Idol.
  • Some type of “Mentor” giving your work a once over and saying the writing world’s version of Tim Gunn‘s infamous, “Make it work.
  • An eliminated blogger returns in some sort of ‘Judges Wild Card Save Scenario’. 🙂

I am pretty excited about it! I would love the opportunity to expand my writing skills and continuously improve my craft.  This platform would give me an enormous amount of exposure for my blog and invaluable advice aka constructive criticism on my writing. Not to mention, I could win a ton of amazing prizes!  I mean who doesn’t like to win stuff?  I do, I do!  Not a bad deal for an unemployed chick. 🙂

Honestly, I’m likely auditioning with the least amount of blog followers, blog posts, Twitter followers, Fan Page likes (umm, I don’t even have one of those yet!)… so I recognize this is a complete long shot. Here’s the thing… I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE.  So, if you like my blog, please vote for me!  I will keep you all posted on how it goes and if I am chosen as one of the Top 13.  Vote on Facebook or on Twitter!



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