The Coach is a pretty funny guy. Early in our relationship, we had the following conversation about funerals…

The Coach: I’ve been thinking about the type of funeral service I want to have when the time comes.

Me: What do you mean? Why are you telling me this? Is there something I should know?

The Coach: First of all I’m not dying and I’m telling you because you will plan it. I want my funeral to reflect me.

Me: Okay, but don’t most funerals reflect the deceased?

The Coach: Well, I haven’t been to many funerals but, the one that sticks out to me involved a terrible singer. The good thing about this guy was that his singing was so bad, he made us laugh. So, I decided that I wanted to do something a little different for mine. Let’s be honest, I’m a fun guy so why not put the ‘fun’ back in funeral. Most importantly, I want us to put together a cd of songs for our guests to experience. You know something they can play whenever they are thinking about me.

Me (laughing pretty hard): Wait, time out. The ‘fun in funeral’? And you want funeral favors to be handed out?? Since when are you an ‘experience’ guy? This is beyond crazy. Are you kidding me?

The Coach: I am serious! I would like people to have a little something to take home to remember me on the ride home or whenever. I was thinking a 2 disc cd set.

Me (still laughing): Where will this epic funeral take place? You know some of your favorite songs are not appropriate for a church.

The Coach: At church of course but, the cd wouldn’t be played during the service, it would be debuted at the wake/visitation. It will be a gift for coming to the funeral.

Now, I am laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face. A funeral cd? I am unable to speak. Finally, when I am able to collect myself, we continue the conversation.

Me: So, to be clear you want those attending your funeral to get some sort of party favor at the end? And you want that to be a cd?

The Coach: Exactly! And I want the liner of the cd to be a copy of the obituary.

I guess I need to look into something like this...
I guess I need to look into something like this…

Me:  This keeps getting better. I’m not doing that, you are outrageous.

The Coach: But isn’t the funeral suppose to be about me? I’m telling you this is what I want, isn’t it a great idea?

Me: Maybe we could do A cd, 2 is a bit much.

The Coach: You know I love for people to have a good time especially if we are hosting something, shouldn’t my funeral be the same?

Me:  I agree, funerals are a celebration of life. But you my friend, can go a little overboard. We will have to work on the details a little on this one.  Can we table this conversation for say 100 years? 😉

The Coach: Yes, but you have to do it for me!

So, naturally I did a little research on the subject and as I should have known, memorial or funeral favors exist. Just not to the extent of what The Coach would like to do.

Seriously, what have I gotten myself into here? 🙂

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  1. I’m still trying to figure out what’s so outrageous about what he wants. I feel the same way. I want a party. I want to inspire, encourage and instill the beauty of life even after death. I say 2 disc mix cd…no breaks. no pauses.

  2. click on the link and it says” Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean your funeral should be, too.” HOLY moly Coach… All I can say is that I want to come to this party! With my walker. 🙂

  3. Yanno… the Coach is not that far off base. When I die, I want the visitation and all to be held at some banquet hall, complete with disco ball, flashing lights and fog machine… and a cheesy wedding DJ “introducing” me as the goofy Chicago Bulls intro music plays in the background (“Ladies and gentlemen… And now… for the very LAST time… In-tro-ducing… “) as my “pallbearers” (wearing bridesmaids dresses and rental tuxedos) roll my casket in on a gurney festooned with streamers and farkle. Ha!

    Never thought of party favors tho I gotta admit it makes sense 🙂 Maybe a centerpiece giveaway at each table?

    1. Wow! You have put a little (or a lot) of thought into your funeral. It makes it much easier to plan when you have details like these here. Upon reading your funeral deets, The Coach said, ‘Man, I may need to rethink my funeral a bit that fog machine is nice.’ 🙂

      I pray to never attend ANY of them.

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