When I became a Mommy, there were many things I looked forward to experiencing as a parent. But, there was one thing the Coach and I decided on up front that he would take the lead on when the time was right.

Watching animated movies with Georgia Peach(GP).

Couple of little known facts about me…

  • I have a thing for bullet points (if you hadn’t already figured that out, I think they are great and very useful).
  • I have little or no motivation to see dancing/singing animated characters in a full length movie.

I accept your judgement. 😉

The latter truly baffles The Coach. From time to time, he will see a title to one of these “amazing” movies and ask me with the tiniest bit of hope the SAME question only to be disappointed with my response, “No, I haven’t seen that movie, either.”

Sure, I have seen a couple since becoming an Adult but, I can count the ones I have watched from start to finish on one hand.

  • The Lion King-Who hasn’t seen this classic, right? I get it. I’m not saying much with this one.
  • Shrek-Hey, I am an Eddie Murphy fan. And to The Coach’s dismay, I find the movies Norbit (check out the awards for this film) and Bowfinger to be ridiculously hilarious. Again, I accept your judgement.
  • The Incredibles-Any movie that has Samuel L. Jackson adding his yelling I mean acting voice to an animated character warrants a try. And let me tell you, it does not disappoint!
  • Rio-I hear from those who watch these types of movies, I should not be proud to mention this one.

As a side note, we are aware that in a game night situation if the category of Disney or Animated movies comes up, I can offer limited assistance. The problem is that we are pretty competitive and have been known to randomly practice different trivia categories so we are ready to win when we get the call. So, I’m not sure what is more disturbing, the fact that we practice or that we haven’t actually been invited to a game night as a couple. We obviously need some friends here otherwise we will have to keep traveling to FL and IL to play with our family. 🙂

Back to these movies…so, my thought was that when Georgia Peach was old enough to see one of these movies, I would buy the tickets for them. Their first Daddy/Daughter Movie Date, cute right?

Obviously, I am too slow for them. Check out one of the gifts GP got for Christmas from her Daddy, a DVD. I suppose it doesn’t matter that she hasn’t seen the first movie of the series?

At any rate, I guess she was old enough on Wednesday. And so, it begins…



  1. I share many of your feelings about kids’ movies. I have NOT seen The Lion King, and I am pretty sure Stella couldn’t handle it due to its sad themes, so I am safe on that one.

    But there are some really good ones out there…Despicable Me (1 and 2) are great; I think Chris and I like them as much as the Girl. We also enjoyed the Monsters, Inc. movies, Matilda, The Borrowers, and many more.

    My number one problem lies with Disney musicals.

    I wanted to crawl under a pillow every time I heard the Girl start up Rapunzel on the ipad. She went through a Little Mermaid phase (thankfully only about 2 weeks), and I’d find myself singing those damn songs and having flashbacks to the DHS show choir. I refuse to go see Frozen in the theater, and have instead made a deal with the Girl: When it is available on DVD or Netflix, she may watch it in a separate room from Mommy.

    The Girl has a strong love of movies, but as a responsible parent, I feel it is my duty to try to draw some boundries…for my sake; not hers 😉

    Merry Christmas, Shawny

    1. Honestly, the only reason I can recognize the Little Mermaid is because of show choir at DHS. I still haven’t seen the movie, I guess singing ‘Under The Sea’ a thousand times impacted me more than I realized.:-)

      I know I will end up watching some of these movies eventually, I just don’t want to!

      Happy New Year, Kimmy! XO

  2. I LOVE animated movies( but movies in general are my thing) I think I get as excited as Aaliyah does.. Give Despicable Me 2 a chance! Its hilarious…I promise you will laugh!!!

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