Here is a recap of the last few months in and around the plantation:

When we last “spoke”, I had just started a new job at a small CPA firm. Excited to expand my skills and actually do something I was truly passionate about, writing and fundraising, I jumped right in…into Tax Season!

Who knew the next four months of my life would be eerily similar to football season, the TV/spectator football season. Anyone with any experience living the vida fútbol loco knows that football season starts well before and goes beyond what you see on TV. 

The funniest part to me, I am not an Accountant, my actual title is Community Manager. Luckily, I still love my job and the best part about the end of tax season beside the obvious, I found out I was pregnant! 🙂

(Football) Recruiting season baby on the way! Hooray.

The Coach Update

In July, the Coach was invited to participate in a couple of documentaries celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Georgia Tech’s 1990 Championship Season, such a blessing! We love Georgia Peach’s (GP) reaction when seeing her Daddy on TV. It is pretty hilarious that she doesn’t understand he is not currently playing, especially when I tell her he is at practice.

GP: “Why is his uniform in a picture (we have one framed)? He needs it to play.”

Aww, sweet girl, that is not advised, he has no cartilage left in his knees!

I can’t wait to travel to Atlanta and celebrate with the rest of our GT family and a couple of my favorite Coaches Wives in November. It will be interesting to see how GP reacts to requests for pictures with her Coach…without her. meme

Georgia Peach Update

Where do I begin with this child?

One day, the Coach decided to take Georgia Peach to Toys R Us to look at some toys. Oh sweet, crazy man. I was at work but, kept getting text messages with pictures of those motorized kid cars.

I knew where this was heading…

Now, say what you will but, I am against buying a BMW car for my 4-year-old. Is she too tired from her busy day of playing (mind you, she stills takes a nap!) to walk with us through the neighborhood? I doubt it.

Anyway, the Coach tells GP that she will have to ask Mommy about getting the wonderfully pink Hello Kitty car. Of course she couldn’t wait to tell me all about her trip to the store with Coach Daddy and beg me for the car. 20150130_103428

Here’s the problem….shortly before the trip to Toys R Us, we realized that she couldn’t even ride her tricycle!

I know. 

The Coach and I couldn’t believe it ourselves and discovered we are failing in the gross motor skills development department of our ONLY child. Seriously… slacking!

A bike riding episode goes something like this, we get the tricycle out, add child with cute helmet and head to the driveway (I think her enthusiasm is what fools us). She starts strong pedaling down the driveway. But by the time she reaches the sidewalk, she wants one of us to push her, which I refuse to do.

We aren’t raising a lazy, whiny kid. Just can’t happen.

Long story short, I told her if she learned how to ride her bike over the summer we would think about getting her the pink car.

Guess what?

Summer is over…

Goodbye, Kitty.

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