IMG_7751If you are like me you are ecstatic to be pregnant and plan to share your good news when YOU are ready. Problem is, well…life and with the holidays in full effect you may wonder a bit how you are going to keep your early stages of pregnancy under wraps with all the festivities.

Tricky part for me is, I likes my beer and wine. So, the first trimester can make most social functions with friends and colleagues a potential situation. No one wants to be “outed” (not sure why people even do this, why do they care so much?) and it just leaves an icky bad karma feeling to lie about something so wonderful.

So, what’s a girl to do?


Here are some ways I was able to keep the side eyes to a minimum until we were ready to share the news.

Cleanse Defense

I am known to bust out a cleanse on you at any given time. All of my friends and now my co-workers know this about me so, it can be easy to pull off. No alcohol is allowed during a cleanse plus if you are suffering from nausea you can justify eating light depending on the cleanse. You should anticipate questions on the type of cleanse you are doing and how much weight you have lost so far. A little preparation here will go a long way.

Trainer Defense

This one requires a history of or propensity to working out. Trying to drop this one on your besties at dinner without laying some ground work is not advised. A simple ‘I have a session with my trainer in the morning’ can keep you in the clear.

True story-My old trainer used to ask me if I had any wine with dinner the night before my training session so, I wouldn’t drink. Ahh, the days when I felt guilty. Anyway, if you don’t have a Trainer’s actual name, the new “Trainer at your Gym” should do the trick.

Early Defense

This strategy requires you to arrive BEFORE the rest of your party. Once you get there, order a non alcoholic drink that most closely resembles your favorite alcoholic beverage. I like to have a cranberry and sprite or sprite and lime. It is important to mention that your current drink is your second drink at some point in initial conversations.

This way you can take the responsible stance and drink water at dinner since you either have to get up early or drive home.

Food Poisoning Defense

This is an easy one and the best if you have morning, afternoon and evening sickness. When your friends/family ask why you aren’t drinking, tell them you are getting over a bout with food poisoning so, you are keeping things light. Be sure to order a ginger ale and something light.

If you start to feel nauseous or need to excuse yourself because now you can not handle the smell of balsamic vinaigrette at any time…blame it on food poisoning.

Wing Man Defense

This one is my favorite and requires the assistance of someone you have already shared the news with like your significant other. It is pretty easy and works best in a cocktail/happy hour atmosphere.

Basically, your “wing man” manages your drinks. Someone offers you a drink, pass it to your partner in crime and switch glasses. Works like a charm!

Some say the best offense is a good defense, right?

Good luck and happy holidays!

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