I thought it would be cool to highlight some of the more memorable moments of 2015 I never got around to documenting. Sure, it’s March but, I had another baby so, better late than never, right? 🙂

Here are some of my favorites…

Baby Dubs
Last year started off pretty busy however, by the time we celebrated our anniversary in May, we found out we were expecting another member of the team! After experiencing a miscarriage in 2014, we were surprised and excited to finally share the news with our daughter, Georgia Peach that she would be a big sister sometime after Christmas.

Who’s Kid Is That?
For Georgia Peach’s (GP) birthday, she requested a pink tea party, actually she wanted a dinner party and we settled on the tea party. Can we discuss what a then 3 year old knows about a dinner party? She is pretty hilarious.

Back to the party…GP asked for a Dora the Explorer cake but, I convinced her that mini cupcakes would be a better option since all the other food was bite sized. Or so I thought.

When we brought out the cupcakes and began to sing “Happy Birthday” she turned her cupcake upside down and smashed it on her plate in a fit of rage! The kids laughed, the Coach and I gasped and GP cried. Fun party.

This is not a Dora cake!

I whisked GP away to the back of the art studio to find out what was going on with her. Long story short…crying she says, “Mommy! I don’t want the little cupcakes, I want my Dora cake!”

Nice! So mortified.

Mini Mia Hamm?

Finally, our little girl was ready for an organized sport so we chose soccer…unfortunately soccer did not choose our daughter.

Her favorite part of soccer…the giant sunflower!

She did find some compatibility with cheerleading although I had zero to do with it. The Cheerleading Coaches at the Coach’s school started recruiting her the moment they met her. The Coaches invited her to attend a cheerleading clinic (we skipped soccer that weekend) and she was hooked.

She now refers to the Cheer Coaches as ‘Her Coaches’ when she sees them at the football games or anywhere and thinks she is suppose to perform with the “bigger girls” every game. Great.

So, I may be destined to be a Cheer Mom although I am still shooting to be a Tennis/Volleyball or Golf Mom! All sports she may actually have some skill in, thanks to my husband.


My wonderful husband had an amazing football season! In his second year as Head Coach, the team was undefeated. 🙂


We had such a great group of players, families and coaches we didn’t want the season to end. The highlight was one of his players was selected to play in the Independence Bowl at AT&T Stadium in Irving, Texas also known as the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Turning 25…

This year marked a significant milestone for the Coach. We celebrated the 25th Anniversary of his Sports Illustrated cover and when Georgia Tech won the National Championship in 1990. It was wonderful to catch up with all of my GT wives and see their little ones!

In the summer, the Coach was asked to participate in two documentaries chronicling the historic football season. Driven-“Georgia Tech’s 1990 Championship Season” originally aired on Fox Sports South in our region in the fall but, we never get used to randomly flipping channels to see a rerun of the Coach reminisce with his former teammates and coaches on their undefeated season.


Well, there it is! Some of our most memorable events of 2015. We already know 2016 will be great, nothing beats welcoming Baby Dubs to our team!

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