Since my mommy has done zero about my blog debut, I decided to do it myself.

Now that I am days away from being 6 months old, I thought I would share some fun facts about me otherwise it may never happen.

I’m just saying.

What’s My Name?

My parents really really struggled with finding a middle name for me. While in utero, they tried a bunch of names on me. I didn’t know what was going on! My sister even had a couple she liked. Sure they both stemmed from cartoon characters, but my mom actually considered them!

Really, Mom?

This is my “concerned look”.

Not gonna lie. This concerned me greatly about my mom’s decision-making skills. After many heated debates (including one where my mom stated she didn’t care anymore what my name was) they settled on a great name.

Of course, now I have twelve nicknames!

Here’s to hoping they can decide on one or better yet…just call me the name they gave me.

Sib Love

I know her as Sissy so, all this Georgia Peach business is ridiculous. Sissy is quite possibly the Best Big Sister eva! Sure…I haven’t had any experience with anyone else but, she is fun and very sweet with me. She plays with and reads to me. The only time she is annoyed with me is when I am crying too loud for her to hear her favorite shows My Little Pony or Shimmer and Shine.

I hear that I will be an expert at annoying her in a few years. Looking forward to it.

Sissy reading me a Wonder Woman book!


Car Drama

When my mommy was pregnant with me, she had all these grand plans of travel once I was born. Spend a couple of weeks back home, visit some best friends, day trips to FL.

She’s cute.

From my first car ride to around the 3-month-old mark, I cried as soon as my car seat clicked into place. My poor mommy tried everything from nearly dislocating her shoulder to hold my hand or stroke my cheek while driving to leaving the car seat in the car and placing me in my seat so I wouldn’t hear/feel the “click”.

I couldn’t even make it to Sissy’s school in the AM, which I hear is less than 10 minutes away, without losing it.

Oddly, my car antics only bothered Sissy when she was unable to hear her favorite songs on the radio. I’m much better now but, if you see our truck moving *ahem* with “the flow of traffic”, I am likely practicing my singing voice in the back seat. 🙂

Well, that’s all I have for now.

Hopefully, my mommy will get her act together with these blog posts. She is kinda making me feel like the second child up in here.

But, I say…















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