So, I was talking to the Ladies over at one of my favorite charities about an upcoming event. I was holding Dubs’ and noticed he needed a diaper change. We finished our conversation, I said my good-byes and headed to the truck to change his diaper.

When I laid him down on the sheet left over from our epic road trip (over 2000 miles), I noticed his diaper had failed and his poop overflow oozed onto my shirt! Not only was I disgusted, I was horrified to realize I only had TWO wipes left. TWO!

Your shirt is so comfortable.

My internal dialogue went something like this…

“Did you just become a mother? You have been waiting for his next poop and you were STILL caught out there like a rookie. C’mon!”

Luckily, we both had a change of clothes in the truck.

But of course, my biggest concern was…Did I have a baby poop chilling on my shirt while talking to people?


Until I find out…Sweet Baby Jesus, please say it isn’t so!

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