Whose Wedding Is It?

I’ve been in a couple of weddings in my day and each of them had one focus…the Bride and Groom. No complaining about the dresses…to the bride (I mean come on we all do it and I am sure it was done to me!) no asking for sitters to be provided for the reception, and no asking to add to the guest list! To be clear, our wedding party,  planner,  photographer, my dress goddesses, hair stylist, makeup artist, and all of our vendors were all beyond accommodating which made our day AMAZING and stress free. I was so relaxed on our wedding day, you would have thought I spent the entire day at the spa-AND I needed a new bra and forgotten my veil! So, my Maid of Honor drove to the mall to be there when it opened to buy me TWO different sizes AND my Matron of Honor drove all the way back to the plantation to get my veil-LOVE THOSE LADIES. They both did it without so much as a second thought. So it drives me crazy when I hear stories of Brides (and Grooms) being put through the paces by the very people they have asked to stand with them on the most important day of their lives. Ridiculous.

So, I thought I would share what everyone should experience during this time.  Here is one of my wedding weekend experiences…

On our wedding day three short months ago, my Magnificent Bridesmaids (MB) told me they had something to give me. Now, the way they surrounded me (flanking me from both sides) made me think for one tiny second they were planning to ‘take me out’. Please don’t ask me why I thought this, I know they wouldn’t have spent hours in hair and makeup to let it all go to waste on a mug shot! But, something happens to you when you are planning a wedding (we had an amazing wedding planner- click here ) and I’m not talking Bridezilla antics. You just have a general sense of craziness all the time about a month before your wedding day.

Anyway, back to the MBs, they sat me down with smiles and said…

MB: “We are sure by now you understand what is going on.”

Me: “I know I am getting married today, other than that I have no idea, you aren’t going to kill me are you?”

MB: “Of course not but, someone get her another drink! We are presenting you with, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue”!

Here’s what they did…

My Maid of Honor’s Mother gave me one of her beautifully embroidered handkerchiefs from India. My Something Old! I started to cry…a Mama gift.

A few weeks prior to the wedding  my favorite blue box retailer sent a gift to the house. Thinking it was a wedding day gift from the Coach, I put it with our other gifts. A few days past and I asked him if he had something sent to the house from said blue box retailer he said no. Curious as to who would have sent the gift, I opened the box to find a “charming” gift from my MBs-they remind me of this since I was wearing it. 😉 My Something New!

My Matron of Honor let me borrow the bracelet her Father gave her Mother on their wedding day that she also wore on HER wedding day. My Something Borrowed! Still crying…

Now, here is possibly the best one…My Something Blue. Most everyone knows my Mom passed away in December 2008 and to say that she was profoundly missed on the most important day of my life is obviously an understatement. Each one of my Mom’s sisters (5 of them) wrote me a letter as did each of my MBs on blue paper, tucked into pretty envelopes. My Something Blue! I couldn’t read the letters at that time because I was already crying…remember? But when I did (yes-of course I cried), they were filled with love, support, and humor each one a personification of our individual relationships.

This pic was snapped by one of my bridesmaids. Thanks for not killing me!

A huge THANK YOU to the Coach for without him, there would be no happily married chick, our wedding planner, our entire wedding party, my Aunties, and especially my Magnificent Bridesmaids. You made our wedding experience the best eva!


This picture is one from our photographer (click the word photographer above for more information).

Happily Married Chick-Kelli Boyd Photography

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