Here’s the skinny…I’m a rookie Mommy and Wife (in that order, sorry Mom and Dad!) living in the South trying to figure it all out.
We packed up my very city oriented life, you know one with great public transit, cocktails, and dinners at 9PM, traffic, SIX professional sports teams, tons of festivals, millions of people, and yummy Mexican restaurants and moved to Georgia. I miss my beloved city BUT, love our new home more than I ever thought possible. Besides, you can’t beat the weather here!
'Mommy, if you don't know. umm then how is this going to work? I'm new here.'
‘Mommy, if you don’t know. umm then how is this going to work? I’m new here.’

I love to write so like millions of other people, I started a blog.

I have an amazingly gifted, smart, caring, and funny Husband who could not be more custom designed for me. I love him more than I thought possible and so blessed I am able to experience life’s adventures with him as my partner.

He really is THAT great ;-). And also a Football Coach (the Coach), so I’m a Coach’s Wife. The craziness that comes with living a football life has been worth it because he gave me our greatest gifts…our daughter, GeorgiaPeach and our son, Baby Dubs. 🙂

GeorgiaPeach (GP), is hilarious and growing into a smart and caring young lady…most of the time. She still aspires to be on television but, now you are most likely to find her with her nose in a chapter book, or dancing and singing around the house. She loves pizza and cheese, her friends and her baby brother. 

Baby Dubs is wild and sweet aka our Sour Patch Kid. And yes, I had another baby in my forties. Obviously, God felt my cluelessness needed to be stepped up a notch. Besides, these blog posts won’t write themselves, I needed new material. 😉 Back to Dubs, he loves being outside, his monster trucks, PJ Masks, and his sissy. It is hard to remember what life was like before he joined the team. Yes, I do…much much quieter and fewer poop situations.

We can not get enough of the sibs and love seeing them grow and develop daily. Pretty excited to see how they turn out because I find myself saying, “Seriously?” A LOT.


  1. “Seriously?! I didn’t know”…I sputter these words often, too.
    In fact, these words formed just now as I came across your lovely and heartfelt blog. Best wishes. I am so happy to follow your adventures. -Kim May

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