Love & Football

Each year, I share a tongue-in-cheek story about football and how it impacts our family (you can check it out here). The experience hasn’t changed much over the years as the core of the story is still true but our relationship with football has evolved.

In the early years of our relationship and marriage, almost everything in our lives revolved around football. Back then (which is funny to even say) we were at the college level, a D-1 school, with a small child and the means aka money to pour everything into football. Now, we are a family of four, including one exceptionally energetic toddler at the high school level. The pace is still very hectic but, we love that there are very few overnight trips and recruiting is focused locally versus nationally. Meaning we have more time together as a family during the year- there is no offseason in football.

Photo by Nathan Rogers on Unsplash

To be clear, our marriage is NOT interrupted by football, I am NOT a football widow nor a single parent. We fit football into our lives not our lives into football. And it works for our family.

As our family grew our priorities shifted and became more intentional as a core. We decided that although football is an important part of our lives, it is not our lives. We love football but she has seduced us more than once with her beguiling ways. She is as wonderful as she is unpredictable.

Trusting God’s plan for our marriage is key for us. We work insanely hard to communicate with each other and to have touchpoints throughout the day, especially during the season. The catalyst was a simple comment from a family member very early in our marriage and during the season.

“The two of you are not on the same page.”

While I can’t remember what it was specifically, I remember that it was true. We were allowing the demands of “the life” to slowly obstruct our marriage and we needed to work on a solution. We have come a long way and we continue to work on what is best for our family. Luckily, I married the right guy.

It doesn’t hurt to have a group of women that support you through circumstances you could rarely imagine yourself experiencing. No one understands the sweet nuances this life brings like a fellow wife. I was fortunate to have two great wives show me the ropes early into Bell and I’s football life together. They displayed all the wonderful qualities you would imagine in joining a new team in a new city. They set the bar high and I am forever grateful for their gracious acceptance of me into the football coaching family.

Many lifelong relationships start in the stands, on the sidelines, and grow as we wait in the tunnels and outside locker room doors with babies in tow at home and away. Coaches wives are a great source of support, friendship, and much-needed laughter! If you don’t have a crew find one, it’s worth it.

Good luck this season in your homes and on the field because winning is never overrated!

5 Ways to Dodge Early Pregnancy Whispers

Quick note: This was originally posted FIVE years ago, so I am not pregnant. 

If you are like me you are ecstatic to be pregnant and plan to share your good news when YOU are ready. The problem is, well…life and with the holidays in full effect, you may wonder a bit how you are going to keep your early stages of pregnancy under wraps with all the festivities.

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ICYMI: Goodbye, Kitty!

Here is a recap of the last few months in and around the plantation:

When we last “spoke”, I had just started a new job at a small CPA firm. Excited to expand my skills and actually do something I was truly passionate about, writing and fundraising, I jumped right in…into Tax Season!

Who knew the next four months of my life would be eerily similar to football season, the TV/spectator football season. Anyone with any experience living the vida fútbol loco knows that football season starts well before and goes beyond what you see on TV. 

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Where’s My Check?

The Coach was an amazing athlete in high school and college (according to him he STILL is, he’s cute). 🙂 While he was in college, he was blessed to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Obviously, this was an AMAZING accomplishment and a framed copy of the cover hangs in our daughter’s bedroom. Recently, he went to pick up my Mother-in-Law, GG, from her house, a few hours away, to bring her up to our house for a visit.

Since GG is downsizing and moving back to her hometown, each time we go to her house she sends us home with some of the Coach’s things. Often times, pictures and childhood keepsakes of him and his beloved brother as kids.  This time, once GG was settled and the Coach had unloaded the truck, he walked into the kitchen and handed me this oddly familiar looking photo/picture/poster.

The Coach: Do you recognize that photo?

Me: It’s you but, it is weird.

The Coach: How do you know it’s me?

20131105_231300-1Me: Because I look at that image every day.  It looks like some generic version of the SI cover. Did you make that?

The Coach (laughing): It is me and no, I didn’t make it.

Me: Well, who did?

The Coach: Some sports marketing company.  Every once in a while this picture would pop up in grocery stores, gas stations, etc for football themed promotions or giveaways.  Once one of my friends saw it and told me about it.  After that, I would see them from time to time.  I got one and kept it.

Me: What?  Can they do that without your permission? Are they still using it? Where’s your check??

The Coach: There is no check.  I was in college when the original photo was taken so SI would be getting a check if anyone.

Me:  That is crazy! So, they have this picture of you popping up all around the Southeast and there is nothing you can do? I am going to track down this company and see what’s going on.

The Coach: You are funny.

Me: I’m serious!  I mean, you should at least be able to make sure the weird poster shows up at grocery store and gas station chains we like!  I’m just saying.

I did a little digging and that company doesn’t currently produce the weird poster anymore.  But I guess I can understand how it can happen…

Once while working as a Consultant in 2001, a woman in my group would often tell me that she had seen me somewhere before.  After a few months of us trying to figure it out, I thought I probably reminded her of someone else she knew. Until one day, she asked me to come into her office.

Work Lady: You know that my family and I are headed to Disney for our vacation this year.

Me: Great place.  I was there a few years ago for a conference, I had a great time.

Work Lady (smiling): I know!

Me: Huh?  How would you know about my conference in Orlando? Did we meet there??

Work Lady: Not exactly. You probably don’t know this but, Disney sends out promotional videos when you ask for more information about the parks and attractions.  Have you seen one before? I brought in the one they sent us.

Me: No, I haven’t seen one before.

Work Lady pops the video into the machine she has in her office and hits play.  We watched the intro of attractive families describe their dreamy Disney vacation filled with beloved characters, theme park attractions, and lifelong memories of ‘the best vacation ever’. I almost booked a trip for myself right then and there!  After a minute or two of these vacation testimonials, Work Lady fast forwards the video and pauses it…on the screen a still of me.

And then it all started to come back to me. While attending a conference at Disney, my co-worker and I were asked to do an interview describing our experience in Downtown Disney one night.  We did the interview, signed a release, and continued to have a good time, never giving it a second thought until now.

Work Lady pressed play and there I was on the screen raving about what a great time you can have as an adult at Disney.  The entire time, I watched (and laughed at) the video I thought:

  • Did I really think that outfit was cute?
  • How many other people have seen this?
  • I definitely had a couple of drinks that night!

Clearly, the Coach and I should have some endorsement deals.  I mean seriously, just think of all the grocery store and gas station football related items that reversible (that’s right it has two sides!) poster influenced folks to buy. And let’s not forget all the families that decided to choose another destination for their family vacation after watching the Disney video.

All I can say is…America, you’re welcome. 🙂